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Texas Tinting For All Vehicles With Glass Including Trucks, Tractors & Backhoes To Stay Cool & Block UV

Odessa Glass Window Tinting
Shade Shop for Auto Tint in Texas

Odessa Tint Shop For All Your Glass Windows
For 20 years, the Hawkin family at the Shade Shop has been tinting windows in Odessa, Texas to block the baking hot sun from passing through glass.

Backhoes & tractors are all glass where you can bake in them due to being exposed to th hot sun all day long.  The Shade Shop will install the right solar tint / heat blocking window film to stop the heat & keep you cool.  One tractor customer said, "Before going to the Shade Shop, it was just miserable in my tractor, baking in the sun; it was too hot."  "Now that I got solar tint installed by the Shade Shop, it is much nicer inside & the air conditioner actually works!"  AAA+ on quality job & heat blocking window films.

Call Wade now & find out how you can stay cooler while working outside and block the harmful UV.

Shade Shop of Odessa, Texas offers the following services:

  • Auto Tint
  • Home Window Film
  • Office Heat Blocking Tint
  • Tractor Solar Control Films
  • UV Transparent Film
  • Ceramic Tint
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Mobil Video
    • Visual Logic
    • Clarion
    • Pioneer
    • Kenwood
  • Car & Truck Audio Video
  • Car Alarms
  • Automobile Cruise Control
  • Remote Starts
  • Racing Stripes

Call the Shade Shop & find out their auto tint specials.

Call Wade at 432.337.4233 and schedule an appointment today. 

Sun Control window films are insulation for your glass windows.

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The Shade Shop
2301 East 2nd Street; Odessa, TX 79761
Window Tinting in Odessa, Texas
The Shade Shop

Stay Cool In Your Truck, Tractor, Backhoe w/ Films
Premium Heat Blocking Glass Tint

The Texas heat is hot, so block the solar heat with sun blocking window film

Odessa Shade Shop
2301 East 2nd Street
Odessa, Texas 79761

Serving local communities around Odessa, Texas including:
Monahans  Pyote  Penwell  Midland  Adams  Wink  Fort Stockton  Big Spring  Wickett  Crane  Pecos  Stanton  Pleasant Farms  Midkiff  Toyah  Kermit  Tubbs Corner   Goldsmith  Lindsey  Coyanosa  McCamey, TX

Buy Auto Tint For Your Car, Heat Blocking Films & Glass Window Tinting
Shade Shop Knows How Tint Blocks Heat & How To Stop Harmful UV
Stay Cool With Solar Control Films
2301 E 2nd Street
Odessa, Texas