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Monday, July 21, 2014

Welcome To Our Tint Blog
It sure is hot in Odessa.  When you need to get your car tinted, give us a call at 432.337.4233 to schedule an appointment.  We are a family owned & operated business and take pride in our work.

Stay cool with the Shade Shop!
1:45 pm est


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Auto Tint Shop in Odessa, Texas
Shade Shop
2301  East 2nd Street
Odessa, Texas 79761

Wade at The Shade Shop will install the window film that fits your needs whether it's a High Performance film, a virtually tranparent ceramic tint or shatter resistant film, your tint shop has the right auto tint & tinting materials for your needs.

Sun control window film blocks the radiant solar heat from passing through your glass windows, stops UV light,  conserves energy and saves money for homeownerrs & business owners year after after. Go green, conserve energy and save money with sun blocking window film.

Your local tinter & tint shop install shatter resistant window films, safety film, car tint, home film, commercial films, & safety gard film.  SCF supplies tinting materials, tints, sqeegees and everything else that a tinter needs. 

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